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Chapter History

The Chester (SC) Alumnae Chapter has been an integral part of the community since its chartering, Saturday, February 27, 1982 at the former Pundt’s Restaurant (now Emmanuel Chapel Missionary Baptist Church) located at the intersection of 72 Bypass and West End Street, Chester, South Carolina by the 7th South Atlantic Regional Director, Dr. Norma Sermon Boyd of New Bern, North Carolina.   


The charter officers and members included: 


Azzie Lee Hill - President

Barbara G. Bowser-  Vice President

Anna S. Boulware - Recording Secretary

Yvonne  Freeman Clark - Corresponding Secretary

Virginia G. King - Financial Secretary

Amanda R. Douglas - Treasurer

Yolanda Ann Atkinson Feaster - Chaplain

Edith Spann Bowen - Sergeant-at -Arms

Betsy J. Pearson - Journalist

Ruth M. Reid-  Parliamentarian

Mattie Ruth Hardin Ferrell

Sharon W. Peterson

Vivian Ayers-Gray


Front Row (L-R): Azzie Lee Hill, Yvonne Freeman-Clark, Amanda R. Douglas, Yolanda Ann Atkinson-Feaster,

Virginia G. King, and Barbara G. Bowser*

Second Row (L-R): Ruth M. Reid*, Sharon W. Peterson,

Betsy Joanne Pearson, Mattie Ruth Hardin Ferrell*, and

Anna Mae S. Boulware

Not Pictured: Vivian Ayers-Gray and Edith Spann Bowen


Past Chapter Presidents

Azzie Lee Hill 1982-1984

Barbara G. Bowser 1984-1988

Anna S. Boulware 1988-1992

Cynthia P. Roddey 1992-1993

Yvonne Freeman Clark 1993-1994

Betsy J. Pearson 1994-1998

Anna S. Boulware 1998-2002

Azzie Lee Hill 2002-2004

Cynthia P. Roddey 2004-2006

Anna S. Boulware 2006-2010

Betsy J. Pearson 2010-2011

Anna S. Boulware 2011-2014

Sierra C. Hughes 2014-2016

Anna S. Boulware 2016-2020

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers

2022-2024 Fiscal Years

Chapter President - Rhonda C. Feaster

Vice President - Kai Burkins

Treasurer - Shareeka Worthy

Financial Secretary - Cresinna Underwood

Recording Secretary - Charita Johnson

Corresponding Secretary - Lydia S. Young

Chaplain - Makeeshria Williams-Tobias

Historian - Anita Springs

Sergeant-at-Arms - Alicia Feaster

Parliamentarian - Cresinna Underwood

Immediate Past President - Anna S. Boulware

Committee Chairpersons

2020-2022 Fiscal Years

Arts & Letters - Kristi Moore

Communication - Kristi Moore          

Courtesy & Hospitality - Estelle Cornwell-Stevenson

Emergency Response Task Force - Valerie Kennedy-Robinson

Finance Committee - Shareeka Worthy

Founders Day - Angela Boyd & Carla Robinson

Fundraising Services - Yolanda Atkinson-Feaster & Cresinna Underwood

Heritage & Archives - Betsy J. Pearson

Internal Audit - Marsha Commodore

Internal Chapter Procedures - Rhonda C. Feaster

May Week - Cresinna Underwood & Amanda Douglas

Membership - Samontra Carter

Nominating - Phyllis Williams

Policies & Procedures - Estelle Cornwell-Stevenson

Program Planning & Development - Samontra Carter

Protocol & Traditions - Anna S. Boulware & Shareeka Worthy

Risk Management - Alicia Feaster & Phyllis Williams

Ritual & Ceremonies - Azzie Hill & Betsy J. Pearson

Scholarship - Shareeka Worthy & Annie Frances Howze

Social Action - Anna S. Boulware & Niaya McCleave

Strategic Planning - Angela Boyd & Alicia Feaster

Technology - LaKeisha R. Bell & Alicia Feaster

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